A module for scaffolding, writing, previewing, and generating documentation

This PowerShell module provides plaster templates, helper functions, and build scripts for the following:

  • Scaffolding documentation
  • Building and previewing documentation
  • Adding new documents
  • Managing GitBook Plugins

Future updates will add new helpers, templates, and documentation. This early release targets documentation split into the three types of documentation and utilizing GitBook for the static site generation.


You can download a copy of this project's source code locally or install from the gallery.

Install From Source

You can download the latest code from source as a zip file. Unzip it somewhere on your local drive - I use C:/code/ for all of my projects.

Open a PowerShell prompt at the root of the unzipped project with administrator privileges, then run the following command:


That will run through the default task list for this project, installing the module.

The following line of code will, presuming you have PowerShellGet installed on your computer, install the module to your machine. It will only install the module for the current user and so the install does not require administrator privileges.

Find-Module -Name documentarian -Repository PSGallery | Install-Module -Force -Scope CurrentUser

Note: If you have never downloaded or installed a module with PowerShellGet you may be asked to install NuGet, a dependency for PowerShellGet. You will need to agree to that download and install to continue. Alternatively you can download the module's source code and follow those installation instructions.

Install Optional Prerequisite Software

The tool we are using with this project for documentation has a few prerequisites. These prerequisites are only required if you want to build and view documentation locally. In order to build and preview the documentation you will need to have NodeJS and NPM installed. In order to build the documentation as a PDF you will need to have Calibre installed.

To install NodeJS and NPM:

# On Windows, if using chocolatey:
choco install nodejs npm
# On MacOS, if using homebrew:
brew install nodejs npm
# On Ubuntu:
sudo apt-get install nodejs npm
# On Fedora 24+:
sudo dnf install nodejs
# On Fedora <=23:
sudo dnf install nodejs npm
# On Arch Linux:
sudo pacman -S nodejs npm
# On Windows, if using chocolatey:
choco install calibre
# On MacOS, if using homebrew:
brew cask install calibre
# On Linux:
sudo -v && wget -nv -O- | sudo python -c "import sys; main=lambda:sys.stderr.write('Download failed\n'); exec(; main()"


Open a PowerShell prompt in the folder you want to add docs to.

Import-Module documentarian
Invoke-Plaster -TemplatePath $GitBookPlasterTemplate -DestinationPath .

You'll be prompted for the name of your project, a brief description, and an author - then the documentation and related files will be scaffolded out for you!

If you'd like to compile your documentation locally, ensure you have the prerequisite software installed. Then navigate to the root folder of the project you're working on and open a PowerShell prompt:

./build.ps1 -TaskList GenerateSite,GeneratePdf

That will output your documentation into a folder for the static site (/public under your root folder) and into a pdf file named after your project.

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